Sunday, June 2, 2013

Drones and the Pacific North-West

During a brief hiatus in parental duties (due to +Jason Hoff 's non-functioning ankle and the christening of an unsuspecting infant) I took the opportunity to visit +David Tolmie and +Timothy Carstens in Seattle.  As yet, a  decision I have no regrets making.  While here, I've gotten a chance to talk DIY UAVs with +Timothy Carstens and partake in many fermented and or distilled beverages.  Also, went to the Seattle Art Museum (downtown) a really nice museum that has just enough on display that I didn't burn myself out but large enough to keep me occupied for a couple of hours.  Here are a few shots of my favorite pieces:

(a clever concept piece)

(a perverse piece titled "water babies")

(an awesome use of 4x4s)

I've redesigned the drone's wing shape upon the advice of some of my pilot friends  Due to it's putative use cases I've opted for a much lower stall speed with good lifting capacity.  Here's a new planview:

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