Sunday, July 28, 2013

A new home for stuff...

UPDATE: Done with sheathing (almost, need to cut two little panels still) the shed.  The shed is now good enough to put stuff in...

I'm now in possession of a laser cutter... YAY!!!  Now comes the annoying part, laser cutters need more than just a power cable, they need air compressors, exhaust fans (attached to exhaust ports) and water pumps for laser tube cooling.  To put it another way a laser cutter needs a home, a home where you can cut holes in the wall and blow all the noxious smoke and cutting particulates out.  Currently this home doesn't exist (and the laser cutter is still in its shipping box), BUT worry not sports fans I'm working away at making a new shed into which I can put all the stuff in our current shed.  Here's a pic of the new shed's framing (this toddler was wandering around the backyard, no idea who she is):

So soon the current shed will be upgraded with insulation, electricity and ventilation.  Then the laser cutter will have a home, won't that be nice?

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