Monday, March 25, 2013


No, it's not national talk like a pirate day, I'm just pissed that the word labyrinth has been co-opted by fucking religion and spiritualism.  On Google's top 10 links for a search on the word 'labyrinth' you'll find "The Labyrinth: Walking your spiritual path".  Googling the words 'active' and 'labyrinth' leads to even more superstition and religious horse shit.  Is it really that hard to leave be the concept of a horrible maze where a freakish half-man/half-bull slaughters sacrificial victims on an anual basis (demanded of the Athenians by Minos, King of Crete)?  Is nothing sacred?  So much for 'active labyrinth' as a name for this project...  It'll have to be Mighty Morphin Maze or the Moving Maze.

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