Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pink Floyd laser light show... No, no, no...

The tilting table (that draws with a ball rolled in graphite or ink) was a project for my kinetic sculpture & embedded systems course about a year ago.  Most folks called it the "Eiffel Tower" which, I admit, partially inspired the piece.  It was popular among my classmates and probably a bane to at least one of my professors (who spent a large amount of time, at least 10 hours, supervising me with the art department's laser cutter).  Anyway, the project never really got the time it deserved, the control software was never great and the servos have always been a bit jerky.  +Jason Hoff  and I set it back up and started working again on the electronics and software, we didn't make as much progress as either of us had hoped.  The servos, even when slowed down, were still quite jerky and the new control software I've been working on didn't really do the trick of imparting better control over the drawing ball.  In the long run if I want this thing making drawings and art I'm thinking I'll need stepper motors and a far better set of control algorithms.

Here are some shots of the table with the lights off, a small shutter and long exposure times.

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