Monday, May 6, 2013

Ace is NOT the place!!!

A quick rant tonight.  Got the cutting done for block lifter V0.2, I only made a couple of mistakes, nothing a little grinding with the Dremel won't fix.  In V0.2 I decided to use 1/8" (3mm) wooden dowels for alignment this time around, they should impart better alignment than the metal rods I was using (I've had better success with wood dowels in other projects).  So, I'm running around doing errands and I decide to duck into Ace and pick up an 1/8" dowel or two. Because "Ace is the Place", right?  The ads that I've seen on TV tell me that Ace is a no hassel place to pick up things you need for any project you're doing.  They have friendly helpful staff who will help me find what I need, that's what the ad says...  Well, wrong on both counts, no help, no dowels to be found.  Now I have to wait till I can make it over to Home Despot before I can start gluing things up.  To hell with you Ace!!!

(The place that has stuff when Ace doesn't)
(The place that also doesn't have stuff)

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