Sunday, May 5, 2013

Obsolete but not neglected...

With a bit of spare time I decided to get block lifter V0.1 a bit more assembled.  I'd still like to see how well or poorly this design works.  As noted, my drill holes are not super precise (and the alignment of a number of key parts was a bit skewed while they were being epoxied together), so my trusty hand reamer got some good use today.  Here are some shots of the assembled rack carriage as well as shot of the carriage held in the block (held together with a rubber band).

The vertical slide poles will be cut down to size (that is to say, there is a top to the block).

A view of the rack carriage as it will be when assembly is completed.

These screws are way too long, plus they're pan heads and to light in color.  If I can find them I'd like to get some black anodized countersunk screws.

Behold the ugly as sin panhead screws.  Just plain fugly.

The rack in all of its glory.


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