Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Great Ape Adhesive, et cetera...

Yay, finally a post about progress as opposed to a post about how I dislike national hardware store chains.  In addition to prototyping designs I've also been experimenting with a variety of adhesives, all of block lifter v0.1 was glued up with one version of epoxy or another.  As I'm putting together v0.2 I've used epoxy for some of the heavy wear and tear parts, I'm also seeing how Gorilla Glue works (since I've never used the stuff).  Biggest surprise with Monkey Paste is how much it expands as it sets and cures.  Sure stuff I've read a variety of accounts (including the instructions) saying that it expands (3-4 times), but actually seeing the stuff bubble it's way out of joints is weird.  Here are some pix:

(The assembly for the block lifter)

(Almost everything about this carriage part is rough)

The above pictured carriage brace is probably the most jacked up part of the prototype, it's going to need to be completely redesigned.  The tolerances were too tight and the sockets for power screw's nut was too small by a few millimeters.  This is, of course, what prototypes are for, screwing things up and fixing them with jury rigging parts and lots of glue.

(drive train gears being glued together)

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