Thursday, April 18, 2013

Laser Cutter = AWESOME!!!

First of all, I'd like to thank the guys at the WiESEL group again for the use of their laser cutter, you guys rock.  +Andrzej F thanks for taking the time and lending your expertise to help me get the cutting done.  The cutting went really well (with the exception of me forgetting to include a part on the 1/8" sheet of wood, gotta go back an cut that part tomorrow).  Now the work of gluing and bolting it all together starts.  I loosened up the part tolerances (from what I've done in previous projects), it makes things easier to fit together, BUT in some cases I went too far and aligning the pieces while they're setting up (with glue) is going to be a pain.  Check out some of the videos and pictures of the cutting process and results.

(the first 1/4" sheet of plywood)

(the 1/8" sheet of ply wood, faster to cut)

(The outer portion of this prototype assembly)

(The rack and pinion, hope the hold together during testing)

(The block itself)


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