Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mr. Pigeon arrives and a shout out to my readers...

Mr. Pigeon arrived today, ahead of schedule.  I have to give itechcool credit, they stayed in touch and got the package here ahead of their predicted date.  I foresee trying to finagle a volume discount out of them in the future, for the moment I'll give them some positive feedback on eBay.  I have everything I need to prototype the block lifting mechanism (yay).  Now to finish the initial designs and swindle some laser cutter time out of my pals in the Weasel research group.  Here are some photos of the bearings:

A thanks to all the folks reading my blog.  I get a strange satisfaction out of going over the visiting stats for this blog.  Hello, to everyone reading in the lower 48.  Hi, to Luke up in Alaska.  Yo, to my sister and Jeremy in the Marianas islands.  Hello, to my mysterious reader in Deutschland (who do I know in Germany???).  Greetings, to my Chinese and Kazakh readers.  I promise this blog is headed far more interesting places than just servos, solenoids, linear bearings and hall effect sensors.

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