Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mr. Pigeon and the solenoids...

Not necessarily in that order.  The solenoids for our prototype of the block lifting mechanism have arrived.  They showed up damn fast too, three cheers for All Electronics (dot com).  So, at least on one front I can start designing in ernest (I've learned it's best to have materials on hand).  Here's some eye candy:

(10 little solenoids all in a row)

 (solenoid in the on position)

(solenoid in the off position)

 (the solenoid if you're not careful with the armature)

And now for Mr. Pigeon, itechcool you never seem to disappoint when you send me an email. 

Base on our radar system, our pigeon reported to us that he has already covered 50% of its journey of your item:
(Hmmm... maybe I should let military know that ebay sellers in China have access to radar systems that rival even NORAD's tracking system.  You guys can track a ladened pigeon in the middle of a trans-Pacific journey, you probably even know its air speed.) 

(150823864598 x2) 10 Pcs 8 mm LM8UU Linear Ball Bear Bearing Bush Bushing Linear Motion Machinery

to your address:

Ian King
Salt Lake City,UT
United States
(Glad we're both on the same page, you have my address and what I ordered down pat.  I just hope for both our sakes that's what's actually in the box.)

Should it not turn up on 2013-04-18, kindly give another 5 days, as occasional postal delay is possible.
(Not in America bub, in AMERICA the postman won't be held up.  "Through rain or shine ,snow or sleet, we deliver your mail", is the US Postal Service's motto.  He's also known to ring twice.  Though, these day's it seems like even Saturday will prevent mail delivery.)

And, if you still do not receive it by 2013-04-23, please let us know immediately, we will have to report to our Post Office and ensure you receive what you have paid for. Your patience is deeply appreciated.
(Once again, assuming I'm a patient person.  How deeply do you appreciate my patience?  Deeply enough to send another 50 bearing to me free of charge?)

(Notice: Since the air cargo capacity of China Post has been impacted due to a high volume of items, there might be a delayed shipment of some items.  So if unfortunately you haven't received the item within the expected time, please be patient and wait for some more days. Thanks for your kind understanding.)
(Again with blaming the Chinese post.  Tsk, tsk...)

If you have received your items: 
Kindly ignore this email, our pigeon must have worked really hard to get your products delivered.
(I must have gotten a lazy delivery pigeon.)

And it would be much appreciated if you could leave us Positive feedback for this transaction and we will do the same for your kindly supporting.
(I'll bet you'd appreciate positive feedback.)

Should you receive a survey in 'My Messages' on eBay with 'How do you rate your experience with this seller', it would be much appreciated if you rate us a 9 or 10 if you feel it is deserved. 
(I think a 9 or 10 is going to require free stuff, how 'bout a 7 or 8.)

Thank you so much in advance.

If unfortunately you receive defective or wrong product(s):
Take it easy, simply write to us via 'eBay Message' and we will be glad to help you. 
(Ah, so you're not absolutely sure about what's actually in the box.)

It would be much appreciated if you don't leave us any negative/neutral feedback or open a dispute on eBay/Paypal since we'll try the best to assist you to resolve the challenges.
(Simple, send me the bearings, you get paid and I give you a slightly better than OK rating.)

Once again, thank you for giving us the opportunity to share with you our products. We strongly believe that quality, blended with excellent service, is the foundation for successful business.
(This whole relationship is getting a bit needy.  The numerous messages, the cute reference to pigeon delivery... I think we need to start seeing other people.  Just make sure my bearings get here.) 

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