Wednesday, April 24, 2013

UPDATE: Vivisection of a servo

Just spent an hour removing the physical stops from a variety of locations on the gear train, resulting in a broken pressure fit shaft socket.  The pressure fit shaft socket required some high precision grinding, too precise for my ham-fisted self, but only after the damn plastic piece cracked as I was clamping it in the vice.  Tried to reassemble the thing with it's broken socket (it still fit, but not as precisely as before breaking), no dice, the alignment is off and will never be right.  All this to say, my mechanical hacking skills are far below that of a remedial,  apprentice watch maker, and I have failed.  Even if I were successful with this hack it would still be too time consuming for mass production.  I'll just have to find some other small, inexpensive, bi-directional electric motor.

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